Rome Traffic challenges

Rome Traffic challenges

Traffic in Rome is very hectic and chaotic mostly for not Roman people. For these reasons, I personally discourage anyone to move in the center of Rome by car.

However, if it is too late to change your mind or if you really need to use the car, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Rome has instituted a traffic camera-surveilled area of the historic center (called ZTL – Zona a Traffico Limitato -) closed for the non-residents almost all the time. So those who do not have permission cannot circulate or park within these areas.
  • In the Roman driving style there is the absolute conviction that you must park the car always and only in front of the place where you want to go. For this reason, you will see cars parked in such a way that only the Italian genius could explain! For example, it is common to find the cars parked in double rows, on sidewalks or in a square wedged like the pieces of a puzzle!
  • The traffic in Rome is composed not only by car but also by tourist buses and vans of all kinds but above all by motorbikes that move in traffic using the spaces between the cars to try to be first on the traffic light line and snap forward when it appears the green light.

Are you worried? Don’t worry, there is a solution to your concerns. In fact, the Romans hate private parking lots mostly because they are always far from where they need to go.  Therefore, private parking lots are always free and available to help you at your arrival in Rome (use the parking lot closest to your accommodation).

In the center of Rome, a few steps away from our accommodation, you will find the Via Giulia Parking.  This Parking has a very important value, in fact, even though it is in the center of Rome, the entrance is just outside the traffic camera-surveilled area (ZTL) and can be reached by anyone. The price for a full day (24 h) is € 24.

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