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Our Bed and Breakfast situated in the heart of Rome counts with a long history. The suite belongs to a member of the ancient Marcello family, which goes back all the way to the Roman era.

The gens (latin name for family) Claudia-Marcella was a prominent family in ancient Rome and during the 7th Century became a leading player in Venetian history establishing itself as one of the most important aristocratic parentages and acquiring the title of Venetian Patricians – which was the apex of the Venetian peerage system and comparable to the status of Royal lineage.

The name Marcello comes from the fusion of the words “mare” and “cielo”, sea and sky, which appear as symbols in the family’s coat of arms: a golden wave depicted over a blue sky. Among the most prominent members of the Marcello family are:

  • Nicolo’ Marcello (1399-1474), the sixty ninth Doge (leader) of Venice. During his rule he reorganised the Venetian state’s finances and thus a silver coin was named in his honour. An extremely able administrator, he kept the economy flourishing.
  • Jacopo Antonio Marcello is remembered for a spectacular endeavour during the war against the Viscontis, rulers of Milan: he arranged for forty four ships to be carried by land, across the hills between the Adige river and the Garda lake. Thanks to such bravado Venice was able to conquer Brescia in 1438 and Verona in 1440.
  • Another Jacopo Marcello conquered part of the Apulia region in southern Italy in 1484. He was killed by a cannon ball during the siege of Gallipoli. He was so respected and revered by his troops that his body was nailed to the prow of the ship in order to infuse courage to the soldiers during the battle.
  • Lorenzo Marcello was the supreme commander of the Venetian fleet during the very intense battle of the Dardanelli (1656) and achieved a most important victory against the ottomans in the battle of Lepanto. Under his command were twenty four galleys and twenty vessels. He also fought the Ottomans on the Sea of Marmara, preventing their ships from exiting the harbour, engaging them in shallow waters and defeating them.
  • Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739) was a supreme instrumentalist and composer who also had an illustrious career as a magistrate and worked for the papacy as a Camerlengo in the city of Brescia. His brother Alessandro (1669-1747) was also a distinguished musician.